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Hi! I’m Steph Dodd, M.S.

Creator of the Dodd Protocol to Happier Living, A sensory meditation designed to reset the nervous system


A happier health activist and writer.

I teach sensory deprivation meditation + yoga to help deal with anxiety, overwhelm, and depletion.

This is done with fierce courage & confidence, by all.

I serve

Women who want more.
More Joy.
More energy.
More connection.
More purpose.
A sense of living a life rebelliously happy + satisfied.

That's me! No make-up, no filter. Let's see the real you come alive.

That's me! No make-up, no filter. Let's see the real you come alive.

My Story

After working across the globe with women + men on four continents as a multi-generational healer, I’ve learned we all have this one thing in common: No matter your background, our bodies have the ability to fully let go and return to a natural emotional state of being. It is here, our nervous system fully calm, that we know, love, and trust in the life divinely created to align with our life’s purpose.

The Dodd Protocol to Happier Living is a sensory experience in which we release the grip of our nervous system and establish a new reactionary baseline.

As a writer + teacher my goal is to give you tools and strategies that assist you in reprogramming your nervous system so you may align your life in the way you intended. When you align your mental, emotional, and physical states we create space for unlimited amounts of energy and opportunities. 

As a mom of three littles, overwhelm was my go-to comfort zone. It’s been my safe zone for a long time. A place where I had an excuse for why I’m tired, the house is a mess, and my dreams weren’t achieved. But it didn’t help me push the needle forward on my life and it never showed my kids what true happiness looks like. 

I’ve figured out (and am still figuring out) the very best strategies for how to stay in the present moment, free from anxiety, overwhelm, and depletion. (Hint, it all has to do with retraining your nervous system!) I’m here to tell you, it’s exceeding all my expectations and the very same feelings are just waiting for you. 


The Professional Basics

I received a B.A. in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Psychology from Walden University, with the intention to enter into the counseling profession. By the time I finished graduate school, I found using complimentary and alternative modalities helped me begin to transform my anxiety and seasons of depression and thus began studying with healers around the world. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Certified 200 Yoga Instructor, EFT Tapping Practitioner, and a Human Design Practitioner. 

From 2009-2017 I worked globally with women and men helping them to unlock the blocks to loving life through energetic & intuitive healing. 

During the years 2014 to 2016, I worked as a heart-centered sleep coach, and published an 7-Country International Best-Selling book, Good Baby, Bad Sleeper (Difference Press, 2015). In my programs and coaching, I taught parents tools for decreasing both their, and their children’s, nervous system response system to achieve healthier sleep.

Now I teach sensory deprivation yoga and meditation, while speaking to groups sharing the Dodd Protocol to Happier Living.

Tiny Tidbits to Know More:

My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, hands down

I'd love to live abroad learning the rituals of various cultures

I've been married 9 years and mothering for 8 years

I once danced for 48 hours - no sitting, no sleeping, no showering to raise money for children with cancer

Baths are my sacred space

Laughter + Fun. Yes! Please and thank you

Girlfriend sleepovers are just as fun today (maybe even more!) as they were back when...

To know more of my story, be sure to follow me. See you there, lovely!

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