{Goddess In Everyday Clothing} Shana R., Mentor to Many + Early Education Teacher

When I think about Miss Shana, as she’s called within our family, and I think of all the ways she Is. A. Goddess, I admit to myself, she’s the type of person I want to be in my next life. 
The way she laughs, the way she communicates important messages & lessons through her comedic nature makes just about everyone want to spend more time with her. It’s an easy kind of natural laugh that makes you smile deep within. 
She is this magical being who has no ego, who may not even know how her beautiful energy radiates out into the world. It's like a rainbow of light and draws people in captivating them, and above all else, is vibrating at the frequency of love. 
It’s one of the reasons why our school day pick-ups can go on forever.
My family is beyond grateful that Miss Shana was my son’s early childhood education teacher, and now she is the same for my daughter. 
You see, a goddess in everyday clothing is not defined by any set of standards or rules. It certainly doesn't have to be someone who is so aligned with their life’s path, you can’t help but admire them, but this one, this goddess ~ Miss Shana ~ she is.
I can’t think of anyone else better suited to nurture young beings and to be such a model of energetic love; both the giving and the receiving kind of love. 
And there’s more….
This beautiful goddess being shows no judgement.
I remember the first day we walked into her Waldorf classroom for a meet and greet, a chance to see her with the children of the classroom… my just-turned two-year old walked in with a plastic paw patrol in one hand, and a plastic something else in the other. My son was so excited to share his love of paw patrol, I just thought, “oh boy, at least we aren’t hiding any fronts and she knows what she’s getting.” The best part was, as soon as the potential judgment and itty bitty shitty thoughts I had about my parenting came in, they went right out because the space was held for us to just be us.
It’s as if Shana only sees the good and the truth within others, and these plastic toys didn’t define either of my children or myself. It was pure unconditional acceptance of who we are and where we are in our journey. 
My wish for all women goddessing and all moms is this: If you struggle to find this level of unconditional acceptance within ~ the kind that shuts down your itty bitty shitty committee ~ may you have someone in your life who shows up as a goddess and reminds you, you are fully perfect and loved just as you are; as Shana has done for us. 
Miss Shana, you inspire me to continue to step into my own and walk my life’s purpose because you do it so beautifully, and with so much grace. You aren’t just a teacher, you are an integral role in how we family at home, and that effect will ripple through the generations and out. 
You are magic and you are loved. I love you and I adore you. Thank you. 
xxo ~ Stephanie

Over to you ~ Did this post remind you of a Goddess In Everyday Clothing™ in your life? I welcome you to honor them as we hold space for your love, their love, and all that is love in the comments below!