Bruce Lipton, PhD, Best Selling Author, Conscious Parenting Series on shiftingTV

It is Thanksgiving week and I am SO grateful that I got to spend time soaking up information from someone on my list. You know that list… people I’d love to dine with and my husband can't object. Bruce Lipton is a best selling author of the Biology of Belief, a stem cell biologist, 2009 Goi Peace Award recipient and international keynote speaker.

You see, my list isn’t comprised of hottie tottie movie stars or singers. My list is filled with smarty pants who are changing the world. BRUCE LIPTON rounds out my top five with the likes of OPRAH, DEEPAK CHOPRA + ELLEN. And Anne Hathaway. There, I added movie star because I simply love her work.

Let me get real for a moment… These interviews are a MUST WATCH if you are seeking something more on your parenting journey. Maybe it’s more connection, more energy, more space to find you, more love to share…

What if you could break the cycle of habits you wish didn’t creep up out of seemingly nowhere at times and take hold? What would your life look like if you release old beliefs that no longer serve you or your family?

Bruce Lipton shares from a very scientific space what occurs in our minds when we keep in replaying the old patterns and habits. He also gets real on the THREE things that can and will change your subconscious patterns.

There is SO much goodness, so many details, it didn’t seem fair to you to put all that into one video. So I’ve broken it up by topic, added in highlight sheets to nail down the important points, and have bundled it up knowing you will share in the gratitude I have for Bruce and his willingness to bring this science to us as parents so we have answers and solutions to change the generation of children we are raising.

Shifting TV: Bruce Lipton, PhD Best Selling Author, Conscious Parenting Series

Chapter 1: Beliefs

In the first video, Bruce Lipton, PhD, discusses the magnitude with which our conscious and subconscious mind differ and the importance of understanding where our beliefs stem from so we can change our life to that which matches our dream and desires. With Stephanie Dodd, shiftingTV host, we discuss techniques you can use today to live the life you want and how you influence your children. Grab a cup of tea and sit back - the information will excite you!


Chapter 2: Immunology

This second one is for parents to be and those concerned about the declining immune systems of our generation and those that we are raising. Bruce Lipton, shares important information on childhood immunology and how to protect our children's developing immune systems. We discuss why health concerns are on the rise for our children's generation and steps we can take to shift our children into a healing, loving state. I learned new key points to health and want to hear what you took from this video!


Chapter 3: Nighttime Parenting

The third video is a light hearted comparison of separation at birth to Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Bruce Lipton, shares the importance of close contact with infants after birth and creating a feeling of safety throughout the night. We discuss how to set the foundation of the belief of "I am safe" for our children.


Chapter 4: Reprogramming Subconscious Mind

The last video of this series really wraps up solutions to our lives not being everything we wish and dream for. Bruce Lipton shares 3 ways to change our subconscious programming. We discuss why this is our responsibility as parents and the immediate impact on our children. This video gives the secrets to how to feel better about those things you don’t!


Immediate changes occurred in my life after being a part of this series.

Bookmark this post, you're sure to want to come back to it time after time as there's so much information to digest and love and use. Join in and post what did you take away from this series?