60 Second Energy Boost

I cheated on my meditation practice today. Instead I did what I’ve termed a sleepitation. It’s that cross between escaping conscious reality into meditation and just down right sleeping. Because my child must be teething. Or leaping. Or another excuse which simply means she’s up at all hours in the night. And I… am tired. As parents, it’s so easy to get into this cycle of not feeling well and then allowing all these emotions to flood in, and yet, big emotions are hard to contain when we’re tired. And thus we’re trigged and I swear it’s not our fault but we then act like… monsters. And so I share with you a little tip and technique I've been using for a few weeks to boost your energy in 60 seconds. Because it’s cheaper and healthier than an afternoon cup of joe.


Comment below and share, how did your energy shift and what are you going to do with this energy boost?