The Power of the Figure 8 - An Energy Practice for Clearing and Connection

This one figure, drawing, spec… is represented in so many fashions in our life.

You’ll find them everywhere from sports to ropes to mathematics to science and more. In my life, I use it as an energy tool to both clear and connect. It’s truly one of the strongest techniques I know and use daily. Let’s explore this symbol a little deeper so you can begin to form a relationship to it and use it to strength relationship within your family and beyond.

The figure 8 is often referred to as the sign of infinity; with no end and no beginning it becomes limitless. I see it as two separate circles connected with the ability to trace back and forth with ease. This represents to me the relationship between partners and that of parents with their children. Relationships in balance flow gracefully and when disproportioned may become stuck somewhere along the path or uneven in nature to the two sides of the symbol.

When we think of our partners or spouses, if each of use were one side of the figure eight, I ask of you, are they in balance and even in size or are they unharmonious? Maybe seeking a shift back to balance? One goal in co-parenting is to be consistent in our actions and expectations of our children so each “circle” appears much like the other. When this occurs, there is a coinciding energy force that rules in the house and our children thrive. I like to think of this as a rhythmic flow between parents.

The same can be said for that of our children. When we parent from a heart-centered and respectful place, there is no force that has the upper hand or strong arm. As parents we work to have our role be one of encouraging our children to grow into their own unique selves, separate from our being, and yet connected with a unique bond of shared love and knowing. Parent and child are two individuals respectful of their difference and alikeness often working together as one family unit.

So when things in our house seem to feel “off” - or to be more clear - tense, overwhelming, and without clear communications, I often step back and go within. Instead of analyzing with my own skewed view of the situation, I sink into the energetics of what’s occurring, envisioning the figure 8 dynamic and seeing what’s in balance and where the flow may be stuck. I then simply begin to see it return to it’s infinite perfection and balance. In doing so I’ve found I get out of my own head so much easier and that leads to a faster return to stability and harmony.


  1. During my bedtime routine with my kids, while I’m telling them all the people that love them I imagine figure eights going between their heart and mine. For me this establishes a connection that stays with them even after I leave the room.
  2. When things aren’t going great between my spouse and I, I either mentally or even physically draw figure eights in the air between us. I’ve found doing this exercise while breathing intentionally can shift both of our attitudes and come once again from a place of empathy and compassion.
  3. In my own energy field (some may call this the aura) I’ll draw figure 8’s all around me, in every which way that feels great. I do some close in to my body and some with my hands extended far into the air. No matter how long or how many or which direction, I always feel an energy boost!
  4. If there’s been a disagreement, a tantrum or something that just feels stuck in a space, I draw figure eights throughout the room and the space to help the feeling dissipate and dissolve. Kids love this and will often help out!
  5. To calm my body or that of my children, a technique I learned through Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book and program is to trace figure 8’s over your upper chest area or that of your kids. I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t love this one!


  1. Have fun! There are no rules when it comes to energy. If it feels right, it is right!
  2. You can adopt this and leave it and come back to it whenever you want. No rules! Just use it when your intuition reminds you to do so.
  3. You are love!

There you have it. The power of the figure 8’s. What technique will you try with your family today?

All my love,


Reference: Eden, D. (2008). Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality. Penguin: New York.