Behind the Scenes of Being Seen


Underneath all the layers, there is a seed within you that is coded with your purpose and your truth. Identifying and nurturing this seed will allow the bounty to ripen and grow. Yet in this growth process, there are times the darkness is comforting even though we need the light to flourish.

What does it mean, “To be seen?” Could it be less about visualization in the public eye and more about aligning with your truth and highest purpose? It’s common to think of TV hosts, musicians, comedians, movie stars as those being viewed by others and still I know a slew of people who aren’t famous in that light - sharing their soul with this world and making a difference in people’s lives.

Being seen in this world is more than being famous; it’s about identity and knowing the person you are meant to be. This is when you shine. This shining is like a star, can be seen from a distance and your vibration attracts others gaze. Your identity, your purpose, your truth was born with you. For many of us, tuning into this person is as hard as answering the question, Who Am I?

And yet, asking yourself that question is in fact, removing one layer that keeps you from being the most successful you.

Behind every success is growth; underneath that growth is work; the roots of that work is pain.

The expansion that occurs internally, when stepping out into the world - fully in-tune with your inner authority, will be deliberate and conscious.

Here are five distinct questions you’ll answer on that journey.

The Five Layers on the Path to Being Seen

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Why Me?
  3. Am I good enough?
  4. Is my work good enough?
  5. Will they like me? or Harder still, What if they don’t?

The layering is cyclical. At each next step higher towards enlightenment and purpose, pieces of the process repeat. Each step is removing layers of ego, peeling back the negative programming, aligning with truth, and choosing to surround yourself with those who lift you up.

Sometimes the best pieces are the most painful. Often when you are taking a giant leap, the cycle moves really fast through all these stages. It can feel overwhelming and if you aren’t prepared with this knowledge, it can knock you off path and actually keep you small and invisible.

I’d like to share a story. Just this week I heard from someone I consider a goodness of integrative health and natural medicine. She’s willing to read and then promote my book. I was joyous and doing my happy dance when all of a sudden, the fear was overwhelming. What if she takes it back. What if she doesn’t like it. What if she…. has control? As I recognized the fear, I paused. The only way out of fear is awareness.

No one, except ourselves, has control over the layering. I paused again. I asked myself, which layer is being questioned. In truth, I was questioning the five layers all at once. It was tantalizing, thrilling, emotional; like personal growth work. And then I accepted - maybe she will take it back - though doubtful. Maybe she won’t like it - equally unlikely. Even if she does, I am an author. I was gifted these experiences to share my resources with the world. I know it’s good enough. I anticipate I’m not for everyone and that is perfectly ok. I am my own inner authority. I am love. Nothing else matters. Not the success of my book or the profits it brings. I am not my book. I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions. I am simply me and I accept me - even the parts of me questioning what if…

When we allow ourselves to question and to feel in the space between the asking and the answering of these five layers- that is where we find our power. We have the freedom to choose to listen to the voice inside that is our cheerleader or the voice inside that is our predator. Either way, the process moves on, in one direction or the other. You either move behind the scenes or you step into the light.

When you choose to step out, to be seen, the benefits aren’t actually being seen. It’s that in the process, you have learned to tune-in to your inner authority and how you flourish in this world. Some people are here to create and start movements. Other people are here to respond to their situations. Yet still, there are those people that serve best when responding to an invitation from others. When you trust exactly what is meant for you, your place in this world, you will shine. And in that knowing it is safe to be seen for what and who you are. There is more. When you align with your truth and inner knowing in a way that allows others to really see you as you are, naked in your soulfulness, I am willing to bet you’ve also found the peace of:

  • Acceptance
  • Ease
  • Release of Guilt & Control
  • Trust
  • Success

If you are living your purpose - I honor you. I know the peeling of the layers takes dedication and attention. If you are wishing to more fully align with your path, to be seen in every respect, I invite you to question and pause - where are you on this cycle? How safe is it to move to the next layer? Are you trusting the pieces to land where they will? There are those in life who are here to lift you up and watch you soar. These are the people you’ll meet when you are stepping out from behind the scenes.

Much love, peace, and ease.