This quote came to me while golfing, of all places. I was in a scramble - which means 4 players hit each time and you play from the best of the 4 shots. So the three guys went and their shots were meh. It was my shining opportunity to bring one home for team. I hit. It went sailing. Gorgeous air. By far my longest tee shot ever! But it was off to the right. Unplayable. In the woods.

At that very moment I had both joy and disappointment evenly mixed. Here was my best shot ever (If it had gone straight) and I was completely disgusted and felt like I let my teammates down. I felt like I let myself down. Knowing how the brain works, I knew it would continue to associate these negative feelings with my best shot ever, unless I shifted mindset.

And so I today as I am visualizing this shot, in the woods and all, I am celebrating. Big time. Going against my conditioning. Because I know if I want to have more best shots ever, my subconscious also needs to be on board that great shots bring tremendous joy.

Our best is more than good enough. It's time to stop the conditioning that says otherwise. 

xxo ~ shd