I may not know you, but I know your soul. You have traversed a path that is long, filled with longing for more, twin flamed with rage, and abused by this world. I feel your hurt and I cry tears for your pain. I know it, too. For I am you, and you are I, and we are one. Our pain ~ the trauma of life ~ it shows up through many filters, in many flavors, and yet ours is the same. 

As a Goddess in this world, we know, we feel, and we subconsciously remember the trauma of those who have walked before us. The inability to share our magic publicly, the power struggle to name what we know and feel, and the hurt when others imply they know what is best for us, over our own wisdom and knowledge. 

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A Love Letter to Moms who Are Healing from a Miscarriage

A Love Letter to Moms who Are Healing from a Miscarriage

Dear Soul Sisters,

Goddess one, love on you. You have carried the darkest of dark within your body, within your soul. You have come face-to-face with death and like a human-being who has experienced near-death themselves, you - goddess love - you have a window in front of you, maybe even a giant, massive, door into the divine. It’s waiting for you to enter. Are you ready? I’m here to hold your hand. 

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The Friday Night Family Sleepover

The Friday Night Family Sleepover

It was a Saturday night and I couldn’t sleep.

The wind was howling at 40mph and the rain pounded as if it were giant hail. I wanted to snuggle with my little guy, sense his chest rising and falling, offer comfort from the storm that wasn’t impacting his sleep at all. My husband heard me leaving and asked why. I told him B didn’t like storms and I wanted to check on him. It was an excuse, for me, to be in his sleeping, quiet, innocent essence as a four-year old.

I thought, it’s been a long time since I’ve climbed into his bed to snuggle him for my own need.

And then I realized why this urge was so strong - to cuddle, to witness, to snuggle, to wake with him.

I had missed our past two family sleep overs due to the flu.

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What My 3-Year-Old Taught Me About Generational Healing, Posted on Huffington Post Parents

What My 3-Year-Old Taught Me About Generational Healing, Posted on Huffington Post Parents

{Originally posted on Huffington Post} As I spoke these words to my husband, "I can't do this today. You deal with him," I cringed. Please no, I don't want that to be my truth. I give so much of my soul to my children and like all parents, my wish is that I can guide them to be their best selves.

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5 Ways to Make Sure your Child Feels Loved at Bedtime, Posted on Elephant Journal

After three and a half years, I’ve finally got bedtime routine with my children down.

Bath (Sometimes. When really dirty or we have lot of free time), PJs, story, some lovie-dovie stuff, kiss and then the walk out the door with fingers crossed I don’t hear, “mommmyyyy, I’m thirsty!”

Check, check and check.

I’ve got this sleep thing down!

And yet, I know there’s more to my child sleeping well all night then getting him there in the first place. My belief is a child needs to have routine to fall asleep and then needs to feel loved and feel safe in order to sleep sweet.

In no particular order, here are my five tips to ensure your child feels loved when going to bed.

Tell them you love them.

Simple? Yes.

Are you?

As I lay with my littlest loves, I go down the list of everyone who loves them. From us to siblings to grandparents and teachers and friends and aunts. Okay, it’s simple and it only takes a minute or two. It’s super sweet when I forget a name and I get reminded of who else loves my little. We always finish by saying, “You are just so lovable!”

This little practice not only ensures my child knows he is loved when drifting to sleep; it sets his subconscious belief pattern to accept he is lovable.

How would you feel to know each and every day how loved you are by others?

See—I mean, really see—them!

Remember looking into your child’s eyes when they were first born? That instant and deep connection? Can you remember who blinked first or looked away?

In our fast-paced technology driven world, we’ve made it possible to connect without really seeing the other person. Holding a gaze with another person can easily make time tick-tock a little slower. Yet, eye contact can make a person feel important. Connected. Two entitles as one.

So snuggle up, ask for a seal kiss and look into your little’s eyes. I wonder who will look away first.

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