EFT Explained (Or What I Call my Necessary Daily Stress Release Tip)

EFT Explained (Or What I Call my Necessary Daily Stress Release Tip)

For as much I talk about and use tapping in my life, it seems fitting that I have a post that is dedicated just to EFT!

EFT is known by many as emotional freedom technique, tapping, self-acupuncture, the one-minute miracle and more. I often refer to as this crazy, silly, tapping technique that helps you tune in and turn off all those things that aren’t serving you.

What if you were given the secret to letting all those icky feelings that come up during the day actually move through you and out of you? How many times a day would you cash in on this golden little gem of a secret?

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Parenting When You're Hurting {EFT Tap Along Video}

When our expectations of independence rise dramatically a child can’t keep up. This feeling of lack leads to vulnerability and then appears to be a neediness in itself. So it appears mommies don’t get to have a bad day because a bad day often appears to go downhill the rest of the day. My wish for you is tools to turn a bad day into a better day.

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Matrix Reimprinting Spelled Out

Have you ever found a healing modality that you just had to tell your friends about? If only they wouldn’t think you’re a little nuts.

Yeah. That was me in 2011.

Thankfully I am at ease with shouting it from the rooftops now. Matrix Reimprinting can and will shift your way of thinking.

Translation? There is this energy shifting technique that quickly finds where in your body you are holding stuck energy and how to release and let go.

Creating photographic images of memories just the way you’d like them.

That’s a present you can gift to yourself.

Karl Dawson created Matrix Reimprinting as a spin-off to Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and both are used widely today to release stress, anxiety, and past beliefs.

I could not be more excited to share with you my thoughts on what IS this thing called Matrix Reimprinting.