The Friday Night Family Sleepover

The Friday Night Family Sleepover

It was a Saturday night and I couldn’t sleep.

The wind was howling at 40mph and the rain pounded as if it were giant hail. I wanted to snuggle with my little guy, sense his chest rising and falling, offer comfort from the storm that wasn’t impacting his sleep at all. My husband heard me leaving and asked why. I told him B didn’t like storms and I wanted to check on him. It was an excuse, for me, to be in his sleeping, quiet, innocent essence as a four-year old.

I thought, it’s been a long time since I’ve climbed into his bed to snuggle him for my own need.

And then I realized why this urge was so strong - to cuddle, to witness, to snuggle, to wake with him.

I had missed our past two family sleep overs due to the flu.

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Release the Overwhelm of this Holiday Season with Laura Thompson Brady, Founder of The Nourished Home

Release the Overwhelm of this Holiday Season with Laura Thompson Brady, Founder of The Nourished Home

I know the holidays can be a strange mix of magic, fun, celebration, and total overwhelm. I'm so excited to share a resource today that will help you let go of the stress and embrace the joy this season on this episode of ShiftingTV. Do you...

  • love the holidays but dread how tired and burnt out you are by the New Year?
  • feel pressured to “do it all” and create the “perfect” holiday experience?
  • wish you could get clear about what you value most during this time of celebration?
  • desire to let go of stuff that doesn't really matter to you so you can joyfully observe simple traditions you’ll cherish for a lifetime?
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Answering the Question, "Why Won't You Go to Sleep?"

Answering the Question, "Why Won't You Go to Sleep?"

If there’s one question I’ve heard time and time again from the parents I work with it it’s this - Why Won’t My Child Go the **** to Sleep? The f-bomb is often dropped because by the time parents reach me, they’ve already passed through the stages of trying to remain all zen and peace-like. I’m about to share with you one of the secrets I share with these families that makes a shift and brings a sense of calm back to bedtime.

When you have a child who simply won't go to sleep, no matter how much money you’ve spent on room darkening shades and white noise machines, this question haunts you well into the morning hours.

These questioning thoughts turn into, “What is wrong with my child”, and then to, “What is wrong with me?” Sometimes, when feeling really vulnerable, parents admit they question if being a parent is what they really wanted.

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Taking Children through Life's Transitions

Taking Children through Life's Transitions

Life happens. Change is inevitable. Sometimes this change may be by choice, other times it’s not. Either way, there is often a toll, recognized or maybe unidentified, that happens within our children. When life transitions to a new stage, children maybe do not have the vocabulary to express their emotions. The effect is shown through their actions. This outward expression of unexpressed emotion may look like negative actions, neediness, or high energy. Most often this action based communication, which we can feel is negative and maybe even a drag, is in essence the best way your child knows how to ask for help.

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Why Nutrition Trumps Natural Remedies (Video Blog)

Why Nutrition Trumps Natural Remedies (Video Blog)

Truth time. There are days I wish I didn’t have the knowledge and information I have. Period. I think there are some things that could just be easier if I simply didn’t know what I know.

I dream about the fun it would be to let my kids loose in a candy store, join the neighborhood kids getting ice cream from the truck that circles town with it’s music each evening and go on playdates without a care in the world what my children get offered to eat. When I read articles like the recent one about having the summer of the 70’s, I wonder will my kids run wild when they are old enough eating all the food dye they can possibly ingest before coming home for dinner?

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The Power of the Figure 8 - An Energy Practice for Clearing and Connection

The Power of the Figure 8 - An Energy Practice for Clearing and Connection

This one figure, drawing, spec… is represented in so many fashions in our life.

You’ll find them everywhere from sports to ropes to mathematics to science and more. In my life, I use it as an energy tool to both clear and connect. It’s truly one of the strongest techniques I know and use daily. Let’s explore this symbol a little deeper so you can begin to form a relationship to it and use it to strength relationship within your family and beyond.

The figure 8 is often referred to as the sign of infinity; with no end and no beginning it becomes limitless. I see it as two separate circles connected with the ability to trace back and forth with ease. This represents to me the relationship between partners and that of parents with their children. Relationships in balance flow gracefully and when disproportioned may become stuck somewhere along the path or uneven in nature to the two sides of the symbol.

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Parenting When You're Hurting {EFT Tap Along Video}

When our expectations of independence rise dramatically a child can’t keep up. This feeling of lack leads to vulnerability and then appears to be a neediness in itself. So it appears mommies don’t get to have a bad day because a bad day often appears to go downhill the rest of the day. My wish for you is tools to turn a bad day into a better day.

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Meeting Your Child’s Demands While Honoring Your Needs

You see, bedtime had been a struggle for us for many years. My son insisted we tend to him through all hours of the night, leaving both myself and my husband beyond sleep deprived and on the border of depression. We tried for so long to be “attached” parents, until we learned how to honor our needs while still meeting our son’s demands.

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What My 3-Year-Old Taught Me About Generational Healing, Posted on Huffington Post Parents

What My 3-Year-Old Taught Me About Generational Healing, Posted on Huffington Post Parents

{Originally posted on Huffington Post} As I spoke these words to my husband, "I can't do this today. You deal with him," I cringed. Please no, I don't want that to be my truth. I give so much of my soul to my children and like all parents, my wish is that I can guide them to be their best selves.

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5 Ways to Ease a Child's Nighttime Fears, Posted on Elephant Journal

In our most humanistic basic state, at any given moment we are either living in a fear and survival mode or a loving and thriving state.

Since it’s rarely 50/50, whichever feeling takes precedence ends up easily controlling our thoughts and emotions.

For children, bedtime routines and consistency equate to comfort. It is one way to ensure they feel safe in their bodies and in their space.

Feeling safe when going to sleep is a key component to REM sleep, which is the first and last stages of completing a full sleep cycle. If REM sleep is disturbed in some way, the body will continue to try and make-up that loss, thus skipping the deep sleep stages or waking early.

It’s no wonder a child who isn’t sleeping well may be moody!

I’ve never met a parent who isn’t trying to make sure their child feels safe, yet it’s hard to understand what constitutes fear in the mind of a child. It ranges from something they see to something they hear. Children tend to have astute senses and pick-up more than we do during the course of a day.

When the sky becomes dark and the lights go out, children become more in-tune with their own fears and this can rattle their sense of safety. As parents it is our responsibility to respond with empathy and compassion, rather then propelling or dismissing their thoughts.

The best fear-buster for your child can have is you.

Here are five tips to help you help your little ones release fear...

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5 Ways to Make Sure your Child Feels Loved at Bedtime, Posted on Elephant Journal

After three and a half years, I’ve finally got bedtime routine with my children down.

Bath (Sometimes. When really dirty or we have lot of free time), PJs, story, some lovie-dovie stuff, kiss and then the walk out the door with fingers crossed I don’t hear, “mommmyyyy, I’m thirsty!”

Check, check and check.

I’ve got this sleep thing down!

And yet, I know there’s more to my child sleeping well all night then getting him there in the first place. My belief is a child needs to have routine to fall asleep and then needs to feel loved and feel safe in order to sleep sweet.

In no particular order, here are my five tips to ensure your child feels loved when going to bed.

Tell them you love them.

Simple? Yes.

Are you?

As I lay with my littlest loves, I go down the list of everyone who loves them. From us to siblings to grandparents and teachers and friends and aunts. Okay, it’s simple and it only takes a minute or two. It’s super sweet when I forget a name and I get reminded of who else loves my little. We always finish by saying, “You are just so lovable!”

This little practice not only ensures my child knows he is loved when drifting to sleep; it sets his subconscious belief pattern to accept he is lovable.

How would you feel to know each and every day how loved you are by others?

See—I mean, really see—them!

Remember looking into your child’s eyes when they were first born? That instant and deep connection? Can you remember who blinked first or looked away?

In our fast-paced technology driven world, we’ve made it possible to connect without really seeing the other person. Holding a gaze with another person can easily make time tick-tock a little slower. Yet, eye contact can make a person feel important. Connected. Two entitles as one.

So snuggle up, ask for a seal kiss and look into your little’s eyes. I wonder who will look away first.

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Meditating When I Can't Seem to Meditate


If there’s one parenting truth I know without a doubt, but, or hesitation it’s this…. When I take time to fill my zen cup through meditation everything shifts. And yet, finding that time with kids home and busy demands of life can be daunting. Sometimes I’d rather do anything else. Meaning, I’d rather catch some zzz’s, of course. And still, I want the benefits. Meditation raises my energetic vibration. Even a “bad” meditation where I feel like I’m chasing thoughts until I’m tired produces a welcome shift. And when I parent from a place of a higher vibration, my children reap the rewards. They sleep. Period. Shouldn’t that be enough right there to take time every day to meditate?

I’ve flirted with a meditation practice for a few years, but really in the past 6 months I’ve meditated more than I have in my past 30 some years. And I still have days where it seems like I’m going nowhere. Take today, my thoughts were flowing all over the place and I peeked at my timer to see 10:23 left on the clock! Not even half way though. Holy bee geez zoo. What I am going to do? And I kept on. And in those last two minutes I found my peace. As I quieted my mind and I listened within, I heard the words, “You are strong”. And that was exactly what I needed to hear. So when my timer went off two minutes later, you’d have thought I was revealing in that knowledge and that thought. And no, my first thought was “thank goodness it’s over!” Some days that’s how it goes. But as I listen to the quiet house with the kids peacefully asleep, I know it’s not just what I needed, but what is benefiting to them as well.

Talk to me. When you can’t find the inner quietness during your meditation time, what is your inner dialogue saying? Do you continue on and how do you get the motivation to sit again the next day? Get the conversation going here.

ShiftingTV - Essential Oil Care for Your Family with Courtney Stern

Are you secretly wishing for magic potion in a bottle to cure your woes? To ease your ailments? While I can't promise you magic, I can promise you, there's an oil for that.

When I first met Courtney I just knew she was bringing it to the table. She’s genuine, funny, and really cares about educating parents on essential oil use. One of the best quotes of the night taping with Courtney was offline and it's, "when your child doesn't feel well, they don't act well". This was a shiftable moment for me. Now when my son (or less often, my daughter) is acting out of character, or acting out at all, I stop and ask myself, could he be feeling off? And the answer is often, "yes". I've experienced the shifts originated with essential oil use with my 3 year old and it's brillant!

This episode is a must watch if you are looking to shift some emotions or bring your body back into balance.



In this episode, Courtney teaches us how essential oils can get us back into balance and feeling well. Stick around to see how her three year old feels empowered using oils, the safety and ease of oil use and there's also a great tidbit on getting through seasonal allergies... and so much more!

My gut tells me if you’ve already been using essential oils in your life, you have some great stories to share on your success. So I ask of you, comment below and share. It just may be the story to move someone else on their own journey of healing. Together, as a community, we can shift into a higher vibration.

Much gratitude to you for your energy and time. If you gained some insight or shared your success story in the comments, don’t stop there. Send this video to any friends and family you think could use this as a shiftable moment. #theshiftthatmatters

Learn to Use Emotional Freedom Technique with Your Family, Posted on Authentic Parenting

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a crazy silly tapping technique which guides deeper and emotionally healing communication between parents and their children. EFT is an energy-based practice used by parents, therapists, healers, and coaches to bridge communication gaps, increase trust among children, and help neutralize negative emotions. Parents who practice EFT are finding new ways to engage and be in tune with their children. This is exciting news as when as a child ourselves we did not learn healthy and open communication, it is often hard to change our core beliefs with will and determination alone. So in walks this voodoo-esque, energy therapy technique, unbeknown to mainstream society and rocks the world for clearer, more open communication between parents and children. What is this acronym you ask? EFT is a cross between self-acupuncture and self-talk therapy. It is the up and coming experimental, holistic treatment! EFT is used to neutralize negative emotions and thoughts. With its roots in chiropractic care, Chinese medicine, and energy psychology, EFT is one treatment that is easy to learn by the lay person and is effective with anyone who wants to clear and rebuild their set of emotional beliefs. Seemingly most popular today in the UK, EFT is finding its way into the homes across the globe. Like anything, EFT becomes easier and more effective with practice, but is also very forgiving and can work the first time it is used. As a parent, using EFT with your children can help your mind be more tuned into what your child is saying as the distractions seem to fade, gives you a technique to probe deeper with a set course of action to dissipate negativity, expands your child’s thought process, provides a sense of calmness, and is a facilitator to changing belief sets and traumas. All this while promoting full expression of self from your child to you!

It is in each moment of life that our children are building their own book of definitions and rules; Definitions and rules which will escort them through life. It is important as parents we begin to look for an understanding of how our children are interpreting the worlds around them because these belief systems formed in the younger years, often before the age of 6, and are the blueprint pattern to thought process and emotional beliefs throughout life. Mini or major traumas of children, when hidden away present as phobias, tantrums, and tears – behaviors which parents find difficult. In our turning culture to gentle parenting, we can choose not to buy into old beliefs which dismiss the slightest of emotions, instead choosing to recognize and discuss these emotions with our children.

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Is Energy Magic?

So, I have an old blog. This running a business, writing passion, it's been happening for years... So I'm bring back some of my old stuff, showing where I once sat, knowing the meaning still holds true. xoxo Thinking of magic brings back happy childhood memories, those of watching magicians perform their tricks and the wonder and amazement each illusion brings. Even as an adult, when learning the “secrets” of the performance, there’s something inside me that just doesn’t get it. I’d say I’m smart, mathematical, can figure out the ins and outs of magic tricks and certainly comprehend when someone explains it to me. Or can I? A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging with a magician’s assistant. She filled me in on what she does – not after the warnings of “I won’t tell if it will ruin it”. And it didn’t ruin anything. I’m still in awe and it’s wonderful. We have greats like Houdini, Copperfield, Henning. They stun their audience each and every time. It leaves us wanting more. What is magic though? I imagine it’s something different to many people. To me magic is the art of transforming something in a matter of time that seems impossible.

So is energy magic? Most would say no. Yet what if I told you it’s possible to transform memories? Recent research suggests memories are elastic, and therefore changeable. And can happen in a short amount of time. It all seems to fit my definition of magic. So memories can be magic, but what about energy?

Recently I met with a client who couldn’t seem to get past an event that occurred when she was 6 years old. To this day I have no idea what the event was but using multiple energy techniques, including EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we were able to help her get through that life event, and changed the lessons she learned. Her life was changed in that moment; change she did not think would ever happen. And her life has turned for the positive. So what was that? A shift in energy, a clearing of invisible blocks, something hard to see actually occur, yet the glowing of her face, the lightening of her body, it was all apparent to those in the room. It changed my mind to the question is energy magic? For me, in many ways it is. And it’s magic I have the pleasure of viewing often, with the giddiness of a child.