If Kids Ruled the World, We'd All Have Fun

They see a jumping zone. 

I see uneven ground below, sharp points, broken bones, and black eyes. 

B juming off rock.jpeg

They see an open path. 

I see trips, fall, an opening to a parking lot with moving cars. 

kids running.jpeg

They see water. 

I see chilliness, potential illness, unknown terrain of where the water shelf may drop. 


One of the hardest, most exhausting jobs of parenting is holding anxieties in check while teaching children to trust themselves. 

Instead of saying…. 

Be careful, I say, “See your landing spot and focus on that.”

Instead of saying…

Don’t run, I say, “Keep your eyes on the path and knowing where you’re going.”

Instead of saying…

Don’t you dare go in the water, I say nothing. Reaching for my husband’s hand, fingers interlocking, I think we’re doing some things right. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of raising young children is watching their imagination take them to new places without the fear and restraints of a conditioned mind. 

I silently remind myself, a broken bone can be mended. 

A fall with scrapes and blood can be healed. 

A walk in the water on a cool fall day create memories that last a lifetime. 

When we silence our fears and allow children to make the rules, we all have fun. 

Loving your fiercely ~ s. 
* * * * * * * * 
Over to you! What tips, advice, stories do you have to share about letting your children be adventurous while quieting your own inner worries?