Even in Discomfort, I Am Safe {Mantra Monday & Video Series}

So many of us have lived through events where we physically, emotionally, and spiritually experienced the world is not a safe place. 

Many people around you are living with this overall belief today. 

When we have past experiences - particularly as a child - which pattern our brain to believe our safety is at stake, we begin to equate all discomfort with fear. 

Energetically, when we equate discomfort with fear, we get stuck - thereby limiting our potential.

Even in safe space such as a yoga class, I am seeing how my discomfort takes me out the present moment and into fear. My ego says things like, “I can’t do this any longer” or even, “I don’t want to be here.”

My inner goddess however says, “I am safe. In this moment, there is nothing to fear. I am ok. I can do this. This class is meant just for me and if I relax into it, I’ll find exactly what I came for. Even in discomfort, I am safe.”

And the consciousness - the reality - of safety sinks in. 

You’ll see so many of us are not able to be in the conscious moment when our patterned brain sets off alerts. For some of us, those alerts are on so often, we aren’t even aware of them any longer. 

By repeating this mantra in the moment of discomfort (or fear, or anger, or…) you’ll quickly be able to notice the shift into a more grounded soul experience, living out your highest potential in life. 

Ready to dive deeper? Here's a 10 minute video to get you living your most nourished life through recovering your feeling of safety in this world:


Viewers Q's are answered, including "but what about when discomfort becomes anger" and more in this FB Live Q & A: