EFT Explained (Or What I Call my Necessary Daily Stress Release Tip)

For as much I talk about and use tapping in my life, it seems fitting that I have a post that is dedicated just to EFT!

EFT is known by many as emotional freedom technique, tapping, self-acupuncture, the one-minute miracle and more. I often refer to as this crazy, silly, tapping technique that helps you tune in and turn off all those things that aren’t serving you.

What if you were given the secret to letting all those icky feelings that come up during the day actually move through you and out of you? How many times a day would you cash in on this golden little gem of a secret?

What if I told you just by touching points on your body you could stimulate a response that works to release that which isn’t serving your highest and best in life? Would you want to know more?

One of my very favorite parts of EFT is that the process is simple! It’s us, people, that are complicated. You can and will learn the steps to stress release in minutes! In this video blog I take 6 minutes of your time and take you through two rounds of tapping.

EFT Explained

Just last week we silenced a room of kids by tapping. Not because it’s magic - though it really kind of is - but because it directly impacts your nervous system to produce a calming feeling within.

And last night a friend who had never tapped before in her life took a feeling of being scared about the future from a 10 to a 6 in just 3 minutes! Imagine what 10 or 20 or 60 minutes of tapping could do.

It’s like, if you were given a pass that for every icky feeling you began to feel during the day, and this pass gave you permission to release that feeling from your body, would you want one? The great news is the basics of tapping are free!

And speaking of free, here are two free and amazing resources just for you. You’re welcome!

www.emofree.com www.thetappingsolution.com

I'd love to hear from you! How did this tapping round serve you? Share with us here in the comments section how much your emotion changed with these two rounds of tapping.

All my love,