I may not know you, but I know your soul. You have traversed a path that is long, filled with longing for more, twin flamed with rage, and abused by this world. I feel your hurt and I cry tears for your pain. I know it, too. For I am you, and you are I, and we are one. Our pain ~ the trauma of life ~ it shows up through many filters, in many flavors, and yet ours is the same. 

As a Goddess in this world, we know, we feel, and we subconsciously remember the trauma of those who have walked before us. The inability to share our magic publicly, the power struggle to name what we know and feel, and the hurt when others imply they know what is best for us, over our own wisdom and knowledge. 

The traumatization often has less to do with the impact of the trauma at hand, and more to do with these underlying feelings that have been passed many generations through. 

We are the Goddesses In Everyday Clothing™ of this lifetime and I believe, our generation is called to shift, to lighten, and to lift the stigma that trauma must be traumatic. 

We are the healers of the world. Our ancestors once knew this magic, it is for us to reclaim. I promise you, it’s closer than you may believe. It’s there, waiting for you to accept, to soak it in, to share it with the world. 

But first we are called to heal ourselves. 

And to do so, it’s privy we redefine the inner beliefs of what trauma looks like. The belief that trauma must stand alone in its pain. That it is to be kept hidden, covered by shame, unspoken. That to speak of it would lower our vibration, and that to think it sinks us into our lower selves.

No my love, to speak it is to shift into a greater consciousness. And it brings those around you, with you. Let us name our traumas, the big T’s and the little t’s, with love and with gratitude. 

In just the past three months, my traumas have been a missed miscarriage, a concussion, a loss of anticipated income, a car accident that totaled our car, and then some. In my life there have been sexual injustices, shame while giving childbirth, home invasions, and more. 

In every. single. instance, the lessons from trauma have brought more joy into my life, not once I healed but as soon as I accepted the healing will in time be complete. 

From these instances I have opened to accepting love through partnership, taken a stand for female rights through birth, walked side by side as women have healed their own sexual abuses, gained clarity on financial needs and wants, and most importantly, accepted my own intuitive divine wisdom within. 

Sure, maybe, these could have happened in other ways? If you believe that, it’s ok. I don’t. I know through my own traumas there is greatness and there is healing that extends far beyond myself. 

In order to heal from trauma, to goddess through trauma, we must. must. must. first accept that the healing brings peace, that the healing can be filled with laughter, and that the very first step is to agree to go on the journey. That’s it. I believe if you fully commit to your own healing, the healing has already happened. 

I also believe, as one women heals herself, she is healing for all women worldwide and all generations of the past and for generations of the future. 

What a gift this doorway is to showing up in this world, owning your piece in making HUGE shifts for women, for all goddesses past and growing, and opening to accept JOY into your world.

What??? Say what??? 

I understand, there are traumas that are so great they break you. They break those around you. They break your entire world into pieces. 

I also know the way home to your soul, your essence, is. to. break. And then come back together more whole then before. 

It is like the sun and the moon. One shines in the light, the other shines in the dark. Both are brilliant and magnificent. 

Be the moon, the one who radiates in the darkness. Connect to her energy, and keep. going. even when there’s nothing to show. She does not quit when the moon is new. She builds her power until she is seen. You are her, she is you, we are one. 

What if we all quit shaming ourselves for the traumas that come our way and instead, open to the gifts and the ecstasy that come from the transformed being on the other end of healing? Call to that woman ~ your own divine goddess, and ask her for energy to keep on. Be in awe of your own trauma. Thank the universe, for all trauma is a push to bring you home, in alignment with your purpose. 

Transcend dear one, transcend. Your highest self has healed from all trauma. Be in union with her. 

The how? The deepest questions of all. 

The solutions are endless, my love. There are healers in every corner of your universe. Some remember their magic, others are trying. All you must do is be open and the way will present itself. 

Travel within yourself for the answers are already there. Travel outside of yourself for the answers are within your energy field. Healing is a journey, not a task. Open to the signs, and follow your path. 

My journey is still ongoing. It deepens as I both work with healers I hire and with the women who hire me to serve as a healer in their world. You see, I don’t just aim to heal others, what I do is help women become healers. 

That is my life purpose, my magic. I help women heal themselves, so they in turn continue to heal as they share their newfound magic and intuitive powers with others.

If you haven’t already felt it, I want to say it out loud, the *magic* of trauma extends far beyond ourselves. 

Are you open? Are you being called?

I have phone time created just for us. Let us see if we are meant to be, hand-in-hand on the journey. The call is free, the opportunities are endless. 

I love you. I trust you. I know your path and your pain serves a greater purpose and I am so excited to see the magic explode as it is released into this world. 

I am you. You are Me. We are One. Let’s join together ~ women with women. 
xxo ~ Stephanie

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