The "Good Mom" Conundrum


We’re a modern society with women awakening to their true presence and power. You’d think by now we could have come up with a better term for a woman who is giving her all, doing her best, and loving her child as much as she can.

Oh… I have it. 

How about mom?

Or mommy.

Or mama. 

Can we please strike this notion that being a good mom is something we have to strive for?

How about we just accept that every mother is doing the best she can with the wisdom, knowledge, and support she has at any given time? 

While we’re at it, will you please obliterate your desire to ask me when our third child is born if she’s a good baby? She’s a baby and that’s good enough. She will come here alive and kicking and bless us with her presence, god willing. 

I’m willing to bet that most of us who have strived at one point or another to be a good mom hadn’t a clue what we were actually striving for. 

Can we just redefine it right here, in this moment, right now? Then send this term to the depths of the earth, never to return...

As it stands, it’s as if the definition is better than, and being just a mom is average or dismal. 

Because “good enough” in our current society doesn’t actually mean in this moment you ARE ENOUGH - it’s used as a measure of the ego to strive for something greater than our current capacity and that’s simply B. to the S. 

Every single mom, dad, child, aunt, grandparent, teacher is more than good enough. You are a perfect blessing put here at this very moment, in this very place, with these very children for a reason and purpose.

That in itself is more than good. It’s freaking amazing. 

Loving you fiercely ~ s. 

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