You and God Pull from the Same Healing Energy

You’ve felt the awakening, the spark of your own magic. When your eyes are closed and the world is quiet, you know deep within that you have a soul purpose which goes beyond even your sweetest imaginations. 

We don’t even have to know how or why to sit with the truth that we are all healers on this beautiful Earth. 

Expansive. Empowered. Strong. Like a Goddess within. 

Recently when my son was feeling ill, he snuggled on my chest midday as we prepared for a healing nap. As I wrapped my arms around his body I closed my eyes and envisioned his energy becoming more vibrant, in the flow. In that moment, I saw an image which so clearly represented God. Together we sat at the base of a mountain and radiating upwards was a magnificent healing light. It sparkled, its white light weaved together with a mystical blue, almost as if it was formed of crystals and love. As I put my hands into this light, carrying it forward to my son, this is the message I heard within:

“We come to find our healing powers at the same place. I sit with you at the base of the mountain, just as I do at the top. We all have the ability to heal and we all come from the same place of love. The only difference in our healing potential when we sit at the base of this mountain, and when we reach the top is our vibration and our belief. It’s your turn now, to believe your potential is real. You already have the answers within and can tune into this healing field to create change on the physical plane. Without the belief, it is simply a wish, a desire - but not the truth.”

If you feel called within as a healer, as someone who can help change this world into a more peaceful, beautiful place - or even your home into a more peaceful, beautiful place - than you already are. Struggling to know the how to is a sign trust is making it’s way through you. 

Like a spring flower just breaking ground, trust is the vibration rising to be nourished.

The message continued,

“I am here with you, supporting you. We all pull from the same energy of love. No one soul is more powerful than another soul. We are just at different elevations on our journey. Together we all sit at the base, with the potential to heal, and those who choose will rise (and fall) on the journey to a higher vibration. This is real if you choose it it to be.”

The incredibleness of this sensation sank it. What I wish for on the physical plane is a direct representation of my belief patterns.

And then came the deeper teaching - that life is a lesson in trust.

Of trusting I know how to support my child through an illness. 

That the remedies I intuit to use for my family are perfect and right in that very moment. 

That my family’s health is one of vibrancy. 

That vibration is something within I can control.

I know I am being called to face with my own fears. Fears that illness have more power than than I. That illness can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. 

That I do not have to suffer in this world. 

That my family does not have to suffer in this world. 

The churning of doubt into trust and wishes into potential.

Life changing thoughts that are just as true for you.

Your family does not have to suffer. 

You do not have to suffer. 

You are supported in facing your fears.

You are in control of your vibration. 

You know all you ever need to know, when you trust all you know. 

You are made of love, made to trust, and made to heal. 

You and God pull from the same healing energy. 

The only thing that can hold you back is you. 

Your greatness is real. 

So real. 

This I know.