Release the Overwhelm of this Holiday Season with Laura Thompson Brady, Founder of The Nourished Home


I know the holidays can be a strange mix of magic, fun, celebration, and total overwhelm. I'm so excited to share a resource today that will help you let go of the stress and embrace the joy this season on this episode of ShiftingTV. Do you...

  • love the holidays but dread how tired and burnt out you are by the New Year?
  • feel pressured to “do it all” and create the “perfect” holiday experience?
  • wish you could get clear about what you value most during this time of celebration?
  • desire to let go of stuff that doesn't really matter to you so you can joyfully observe simple traditions you’ll cherish for a lifetime?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, my dear friend and colleague, Laura Thompson Brady, Ph.D., can help you go from feeling overwhelmed to overjoyed this year.

You'll want to join us in this episode of ShiftingTV to see how you can flow with grace this holiday season.

Laura believes the greatest gift you can give during the hustle of the holiday season is your time. More than gifts, your loved ones most desire connection, joy, fun, and a little adventure with you.

In this episode of ShiftingTV Laura offers to you her FREE From Hectic to Harmonious 7-Day Holiday Challenge. It begins with this one question:

What's your vision of a meaningful holiday season?

If you're called to answer this question, join us for FREE here:

The free challenge is designed for you to press pause on what overwhelms you and celebrate what lights you up, regardless of what traditions you celebrate this time of year.

If you want to release overwhelm and connect to the simple joys that matter most, join me, Laura, and women from around the world in going From Hectic to Harmonious today!

Wishing you connection and joy,