You Find More Hours in Your Day When You Stop Questioning Everything You Think

What if time was an illusion? What if instead of time, you tuned-in to how much energy or capacity you had in a day?

Imagine for a moment questioning your own intuition double-time drains your source.

Would you still spend your resources there?

When we start listening and stop pushing, life unfolds magically. When a day is magical, there's room, time, and resources for everything that fills your soul.


#goddesstalk - just this A.M. I was thinking through one of the offerings I'm putting together. I keep thinking (logically) I HAVE to offer a private FB group because that's what *everyone* (<-- not true, but I believe it is) else is doing to "sell" their products. Finally my goddess intuition put her foot down and gave me some tough - unlogical - love. She was like, "ENOUGH! You don't have the energy in this business, right now, to also run a FB group for this offering. Save it for something else and STOP debating. I'm done. It simply will not be good for you. End of story.) 

I was like, oohhhh kkkkk. I heard you. 

Then I accepted it. And I agreed.

30 seconds later I was given the perfect thing that will make my offering more special and connected than a FB group. 

And that was that. 

More energy for the things that matter. Like playing with my kiddos full attention on them.