Just a few of the many faces of myself in 2016

Just a few of the many faces of myself in 2016

2016 - it’s been a year of cycling through all these identifying questions. 

Ones like, Who Am I? 

What is my purpose in life? 

Who am I serving? 

Do I even want to work to serve? 

What if I just quit it all and wrapped up in a blanket and never showed anyone the real me?

Could I live happily just me and my family, no outsiders let in? 

Would it feel less lonely and more whole?

All the way to, What the fuck am I doing in this lifetime? 

In and out and back again, these questions never end. 

Unrealistically I dream of the perfect life. Though it never seems to be the answer I’m seeking.

I find it easy to be "on" when I am steady in my energy of Who I am ~ and I find it inauthentic to try when I am swirling.

I have this openness, like so many, in my energy that allows a constant flow of identity shifting, the game of variables - at times dependent on whose energy field I’m in, at other times contingent on my own emotional wave.

In some ways it’s a blessing because I can easily talk with women who also at times feel lost in the sea of Who am I? and What do I want? 

During the dark-side of this energy, it leaves me questioning my worth and my lovability.

I know I’m not the only one.

I wonder, is it the energy of this year?

It is an age thing?

Coupled with my true and through Pisces nature, I find power in this resource to understand others. And yet, it can feel oh, so lonely at times (even when surrounded with love).

I wonder, do you ever feel like this too? 

Like you spend so much time figuring out who you are, you really get to know yourself, and then bam, it all seems to change. 

Rapid change has been happening in 2016. Big identity stuff. I guess you could call it TRANSFORMATION.

I am trusting it's all preparation for an even bigger identity shift into even more of who I am at the core of my essence, because I'm done listening the parts of me that say, fit in, be normal. 

I see this identity shift happening for so. many. of. us. at the same time. 

In the midst of all of this - one constant that keeps coming up is I want to serve in a way that is reachable and affordable for everyone. 

It doesn't make sense with many of the teachings I've had from business mentors, but it feel RIGHT.


So I'm closing the doors for now on one-to-one coaching and focusing my energy on my writing and my reaching more women - bring healing modalities and permission to live in connection with your inner goddess to all who read my posts. 

If you feel called to support this venture, you can make a donation to keep this site going - Support. 

If you simply want to reach out and say hello, my email is open at 

Big, huge love to you - A Goddess in Everyday Clothing! 

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