Hello beautiful goddess,

I have a question for you...

What could be if we all removed this phrase from our life ~ "This might sound crazy but..."

and instead honored our own imaginative thoughts and ideas as truths.

We are ALL deeply intuitive. (Yes, that means you.) Some of us simply have more practice understanding how to listen in and trust the messages without doubt. That's it. Right there is the difference between a professional intuitive and us. 

I invite you to imagine for a moment you are detached from all judgement of what your imaginative, aka intuitive, mind wants to say to you.

As if there's this free space where anything can just be.

What happens?

Do you find yourself filtering your thoughts? Is doubt present? Or, do you find yourself laughing with your thoughts?

Most often our inner voices are quite witty for sure.

I invite you as you go about your day today pretending to trust your imagination and intuitive thoughts.

Because life is much more fun when you are connected to your inner goddess, living your truth.

xxo ~ Stephanie