{Goddess In Everyday Clothing} Lauren E., Mama, Registered Dietitian, Nature Lover

If I could encapsulate all the ways I connect with goddess energy when I’m around Lauren, it’d have to be summarized like this. Lauren loves children like she loves nature. She is gentle, kind, nurturing, and doesn’t mind the thorns. She sees beauty in all of it - the planting, the nourishing, the witnessing of growth, the weeding, and the bounty that comes from tending with love and gentleness. 
This beautiful mama is a gem in my life. The Universe laid it out that she was the one I had plans with the morning after I found out our baby no longer had a viable heart beat. She showed up in a way we are all learning how to do; with so much space for my grief, growing, and reflection. Everything else seemed to be distant - even surrounded in a play space with laughing children and chatting moms - it felts as if it was just the two of us. She is a healer, whether she knows that and accepts that isn’t mine to say, but I see it.
This same mama and #goddessineverydayclothing helped stretch me wide open as a parent when she invited my son for a drop-off play day. He had just turned five and it’s something I hadn’t yet experienced. I knew he was ready, I wasn’t sure I was. Sill, I felt in my heart I trusted completely so what more was there to it? I felt as if it was his first day of pre-school all over again and I cried a little cry because I knew, in that moment, I wasn’t the same mom I was when I dropped him off. He was ready. He told me so himself. When I asked him the same questions I ask him often - did you feel loved and did you feel safe - he smiled a big smile and said, “oh yeah, Lauren’s really kind.”
To me, a goddess isn’t a mystical creature who we admire from a far. A goddess is a heart-centered soul being who shares her light and magic with others. Goddesses are all around us, and within us. 
Lauren, I love you. 
Thank you for goddessing with me and sharing you light and love with my children. 

Over to you ~ Did this post remind you of a Goddess In Everyday Clothing™ in your life? I welcome you to honor them as we hold space for your love, their love, and all that is love in the comments below!