Learn to Use Emotional Freedom Technique with Your Family, Posted on Authentic Parenting

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a crazy silly tapping technique which guides deeper and emotionally healing communication between parents and their children. EFT is an energy-based practice used by parents, therapists, healers, and coaches to bridge communication gaps, increase trust among children, and help neutralize negative emotions. Parents who practice EFT are finding new ways to engage and be in tune with their children. This is exciting news as when as a child ourselves we did not learn healthy and open communication, it is often hard to change our core beliefs with will and determination alone. So in walks this voodoo-esque, energy therapy technique, unbeknown to mainstream society and rocks the world for clearer, more open communication between parents and children. What is this acronym you ask? EFT is a cross between self-acupuncture and self-talk therapy. It is the up and coming experimental, holistic treatment! EFT is used to neutralize negative emotions and thoughts. With its roots in chiropractic care, Chinese medicine, and energy psychology, EFT is one treatment that is easy to learn by the lay person and is effective with anyone who wants to clear and rebuild their set of emotional beliefs. Seemingly most popular today in the UK, EFT is finding its way into the homes across the globe. Like anything, EFT becomes easier and more effective with practice, but is also very forgiving and can work the first time it is used. As a parent, using EFT with your children can help your mind be more tuned into what your child is saying as the distractions seem to fade, gives you a technique to probe deeper with a set course of action to dissipate negativity, expands your child’s thought process, provides a sense of calmness, and is a facilitator to changing belief sets and traumas. All this while promoting full expression of self from your child to you!

It is in each moment of life that our children are building their own book of definitions and rules; Definitions and rules which will escort them through life. It is important as parents we begin to look for an understanding of how our children are interpreting the worlds around them because these belief systems formed in the younger years, often before the age of 6, and are the blueprint pattern to thought process and emotional beliefs throughout life. Mini or major traumas of children, when hidden away present as phobias, tantrums, and tears – behaviors which parents find difficult. In our turning culture to gentle parenting, we can choose not to buy into old beliefs which dismiss the slightest of emotions, instead choosing to recognize and discuss these emotions with our children.

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