A Love Letter to Moms who Are Healing from a Miscarriage

Dear Soul Sisters,

Goddess one, love on you. You have carried the darkest of dark within your body, within your soul. You have come face-to-face with death and like a human-being who has experienced near-death themselves, you - goddess love - you have a window in front of you, maybe even a giant, massive, door into the divine. It’s waiting for you to enter. Are you ready? I’m here to hold your hand. 

You needn’t hide from this pain anymore. We all are here. You are loved - this is the darkest place you ever need to be. Come into the light. Come out of the closest. No one is served, particularly not your soul-baby, if you hide your pain within. 

In order to free this soul who has crossed, you must free yourself. 

We are mighty, and we are many. So, so many have experienced a similar loss. 

Many of my friends did and I never knew until I shared my own loss. 

I can no longer count the number of women I’ve talked with in the past few weeks - only since July of this summer - who have experienced the same loss, grief, and pain I’ve endured. Many, if not most, have family members who don’t even know. And friends they wish not to burden.

This suffering we feel so deep within, the tears we hold back and the heaviness in our own throats - it is time to set that free. 

May we join our souls for the greatest healing this world can experience. May we free our babies who have passed so they may go on to greater things ~ So we may ourselves go on to greater things. 

My child who passed this summer in utero, he is your child who passed; both and all before we wished. Though they came through different bodies, they are of the same vibration. A soul vibration. An angel. 

I hold your pain as if it was my own. My sisters hold my pain as if it is theirs. We aren’t meant to pretend it doesn’t exist and hide. That only keeps our human self small. 

We are meant to grieve as one. Together. In circle and in ritual. 

If you had to, for your life’s purpose, go through this experience of miscarriage, how would you want it to unfold? What would you see as the higher purpose in your life?

When I follow my heart to the source of the lesson, the why me I was so desperate to know, the answer is clear. 

This is unconditional love. 

This being who left me at only 12 weeks, I will love him forever without question.

He can never yell at me, or tell me he hates me, he can never do any wrong. He is perfect as his divine self. 

When I see him through my intuitive mind, he’s not an infant. He’s a handsome grown man, standing beside my highest self, rejoicing in my joy, and sending to me light and love. 

He says to me, "I’ll see you in heaven, I’m always right here.”

I invite you to follow your heart. To stop thinking this loss is the worst experience of your life, to stop mistrusting your body, and to stop blaming yourself. 

The event was already written. It had to happen so you could learn something, for the kind of spiritual growth that only happens when we heal trauma. 

What that something is, your why, I do not know. But I know your essence and your soul does. 

You are, beautiful mama, a goddess here on Earth, in everyday clothing. 

Light and Love,