"Whenever you say never, it often means at some time."

I’ve known for a while to watch what I say when I say I’ll never do something; To really feel into those thoughts and open to the idea that what I think I’ll never do, I’ll probably do.

So far, I’ve pretty much done everything I said I wouldn’t.

Like buying a house in a cookie cutter neighborhood (and loving the family like feel of it)

Like putting a minivan on our family vision board (what do you say, Big U?)

Like moving back to Pennsylvania. 3 times. 3 times! before accepting it was a place I had to make peace with. (and finally am)

And like doing this big thing I just said YES to that I know is going to tear down layers protecting me from my highest and best, going to make me step into myself and out of my shell even more, and going to bring me one step closer to my dream life.

This thing is massive ego busting. It’s the third time I’ve signed up for a MLM product after always saying “never” and “never again”.

Yet this time feels different. In alignment. It’s not for the money, it’s for the deep core, self-love lessons that I know are coming.

For the spreading of wings.

For the working through the deep rooted knots in my belly.

For saying Yes to something that I can only say Yes to now because I’m ready for the work and the lessons.

And for the connection with beautiful souls.

I’ve sat with this. I’m a person who needs to “sleep on” major decisions. In five days, I’ve only heard whispers of “yes” and so it’s a yes.

I’m mighty scared. Scared so much I know the rewards are abundant. This is self-love.

More will be revealed, in small doses as needed, because this group isn’t for sales.

It’s for love, strength, healing, and connection. And sharing the magic we are living in everyday clothing.

So I ask of you, what’s something you’ve done that you said you’d ‘never’ do? And how did it serve you?

xxo Beautiful Goddesses ~