Non-Violent Communication with Author, Speaker and Coach Sheila Pai. A shiftingTV production.

You know when you find a concept of something but it takes seeing/hearing/being with it a few times before it sticks? Well I am so grateful multiple friends use and talk about Non-Violent Communication because learning, seeing and using NVC has changed my life. It changes it in ways I communicate with my children, my husband, and most importantly, myself. Here, with Sheila, we are giving you full permission to check in and go to this place of, what are you feeling? What are you needing? Over and over again. I’ve had minutes where my feelings and needs have shifted several times. Some may call it mood swings, I like to call it being real!

There are 4 principles to Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and they are:

        1.  making clear observations

        2. identifying feelings

        3. understanding needs

        4. making clear requests

The next 12 minutes will take you deep into a place of self-reflection and appreciation for your own thoughts, feelings, and needs. Join me as Sheila details how to dig deep and recognize what's under those emotions.

I love this page of #NVC Quotes:

Special Bonus:

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What are you feeling? What are you needing? Comment below and find support in this community.