Goddess friends - you deserve to have it all.

So let’s get real. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting your kids to sleep in later, or money for that thing you really wish you had, or a better relationship with your partner.

What is the *one* thing you are really wanting?

When you bring your focus to that which you desire, it’s saying you’re willing to put your energy forth and really commit to it happening. You declare, I am worth this and it’s a priority in my life. Other things may flitter and flutter to the wayside momentarily, because that’s true focus.

Combined with openness, the belief that it can and will happen, you have the power to manifest anything it is you so desire, as long as it’s in true alignment with your highest and best in this world. When we are open, we trust in the divine source and stop controlling the how. It’s about listening to our inner guidance and following the answers we get from within. A reminder to self when things aren’t flowing, “Am I focused?” and “Am I open?”

Wishing you everything you desire and then some.