There's Only Two Ways You Can Move On From Your Past.

This feels like a big ah-ha for me. I've spent so much energy and time healing old wounds and for that I am grateful. I've learned some of the most progressive healing techniques in the WORLD, have studied, interviewed, and been face-to-face with some amazing spiritual teachers. I have had the intense honor of using these lessons with women from 4 different continents to help them heal their past and it's all a gift.

But as I now step into my purest current self, I have to wonder if these past 10 years had to be spent in that space? And I honestly don't know that answer. What I can say is true in this moment, is that it's a hell of a lot more fun to be living in alignment than to be consistently healing the past.

So I'm asking you to think on this, comment if you wish, what do you really want? And what do you really want even more than that?