You’re a modern day mom, giving your all to your family, your husband or partner, your career or passions, and striving to maintain that perfect balance between giving to others and taking care of yourself. From the time your eyes open in the morning until the time they close at night, you are always on - doing, being, and loving. Somedays it feels as if no matter how much you do, it’s never enough. At the end of the day instead of feeling fulfilled, you are exhausted.

For so many of us, that exhaustion seems to still be there in the morning when our feet hit the floor. 

At the end of last year, I was tired of being tired. I told my homeopath + mentor I was beginning to feel a little depressed with all this exhaustion and she simply said to me, “it’s ok to feel like this, and you don’t have to.” The notion I didn't have to feel exhausted sank into my soul and I asked my inner divine, if I don’t have to feel so tired, what are the steps to take to raise my energy level?

This is the message I received:

“It's time to stop trying to fit everything into your day. Instead of managing your time, begin to manage your energy.

Become familiar with your energy threshold - your everyday normal level of energy - and each morning, gain a clear understanding of how much energy you have to give to others on that day, based on if you have more, or less, energy. Choose no more than three areas of life of which to give your all to on that day. You can’t fill everyone’s cups every day and tackle every chore every day. On certain days some things will slip. On other days, something else.

If you focus on where you expend your energy, you will find you have the energy to do more and feel better.

Check in with your energy throughout the day and notice if it’s above or below your normal threshold. Notice what foods and activities suck your energy and what foods and activities increase your energy.

By managing your energy in place of your time, you will wake more rested and find more peace and enjoyment in the areas in which you focus your energy.”

Since starting this daily practice, the one I now call the prioritize to energize method, I am more present with my children, my level of guilt has dropped to practically 0, and I am exhausted on average once a week instead of all the time. 

Below are the daily steps my inner divine has guided me to take. I share them with you not as a recipe for your soul, but as an inspiration for the messages you may here from within so that you can create what works for you and your family. 

The Prioritize to Energize Method

Step #1: Preview

Early in your day (lovely if it’s before your feet hit the ground), preview what’s on your plate for that day. Choose three specific events or tasks in which you choose to focus your energy. 

Step #2: Prepare

Envision those three moments/times with you begin fully present, aware, and invested in those activities. As you mentally see these events unfolding, ask yourself, how do you want to feel in that moment and what is one thing you can do today to ensure this feeling? 

If you at first struggle to answer these questions, you can try this:

Ask yourself, what will achieving that priority in a way that feels good to you look like? Are there any blocks that will keep you from achieving that goal?

Step #3: Process the Picture

As a healer who helps people with emotional healing and energy clearing, I promise you this is the most important step, and often the most overlooked step, too. 

After your feet leave the floor for the day and prior to falling asleep, review your day particularly focusing on the three areas in which you committed your energy. How did you make each of your choices a priority? What picture image best represents that moment. Next, take a moment and focus in on that picture. Allow it to soak into your soul and this to become your reality - you accomplish everything you set your mind to. The feelings of those connected moments are the ones you take into your sleep with you . That is the energy that carries you through the night so you wake refreshed ready to take on three more areas of focus the next day. 

After a few weeks you’ll begin to notice you aren’t giving so much energy to preview, prepare, and process the picture and that you do it in just a few minutes because it changes the quality of your day.

Do you have tips to share? How do you prioritize to energize your day?