ShiftingTV - Essential Oil Care for Your Family with Courtney Stern

Are you secretly wishing for magic potion in a bottle to cure your woes? To ease your ailments? While I can't promise you magic, I can promise you, there's an oil for that.

When I first met Courtney I just knew she was bringing it to the table. She’s genuine, funny, and really cares about educating parents on essential oil use. One of the best quotes of the night taping with Courtney was offline and it's, "when your child doesn't feel well, they don't act well". This was a shiftable moment for me. Now when my son (or less often, my daughter) is acting out of character, or acting out at all, I stop and ask myself, could he be feeling off? And the answer is often, "yes". I've experienced the shifts originated with essential oil use with my 3 year old and it's brillant!

This episode is a must watch if you are looking to shift some emotions or bring your body back into balance.



In this episode, Courtney teaches us how essential oils can get us back into balance and feeling well. Stick around to see how her three year old feels empowered using oils, the safety and ease of oil use and there's also a great tidbit on getting through seasonal allergies... and so much more!

My gut tells me if you’ve already been using essential oils in your life, you have some great stories to share on your success. So I ask of you, comment below and share. It just may be the story to move someone else on their own journey of healing. Together, as a community, we can shift into a higher vibration.

Much gratitude to you for your energy and time. If you gained some insight or shared your success story in the comments, don’t stop there. Send this video to any friends and family you think could use this as a shiftable moment. #theshiftthatmatters