Stop Yelling! And Love More Award Winning Blogger and Author, The Orange Rhino on shiftingTV

Orange Rhino final cover sheet

I LOVE a good parenting resource when one comes around.

And not one that creates a box and you must fit inside to be accepted. I’m talking real life strategies to start using today in your house. And support for those time when you “fail”, because you will. Unless you are a super human go go gadget parent.

So when I first heard about these No Yell Challenges popping up, I knew I had to sit down with the mastermind behind all of this. I was thrilled with The Orange Rhino, award winning blogger, upcoming hot author, and mom to 4 boys gave her yes! to being on shiftingTV.

“It’s about the tone. And whatever tone your words or body is giving off that’s nasty or hurtful, that’s what needs to change.” ~ Sheila McCraith

Listening to some advice from a mom who went over 500 days without yelling… Yes, please. I’ll give 10 minutes to that!

So let me ask...

Do you ever wish you yelled (stomped feet, slammed doors, escaped by disappearing…) a little less? With your next 10 minutes, will you gift yourself the time to be present in the moment with The Orange Rhino?

Being passionate and really feeling your emotions is a gift. Learning how to channel it into something productive is a practice.

Sheila McCraith takes us on her personal journey to Yell Less Love More.

Is it really that simple? Sheila’s new book, Yell Less Love More is available for order now. Inside you get easy to read, easy to follow tips and cut-outs for reminders to use around your house! The reviews are in and this is a book you’ll want to invest both time and money in!

Please share below! What are your triggers to yelling and what step will you take today to yell less and love more?