SHIFTING TV: Women Supporting Women in this Parenting Journey with Katie Chiaravolloti

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel intense gratitude for my friends and the women I walk with on this path of parenting. And yet, finding this support did not come easily to me. Allowing feelings of shame and blame kept me from being real and open to others. Accepting that others parent differently than I and being ok with all the ways we are raising children opened up the way to more meaningful relationships and finding real support.

That’s why I am so invested in everything Katie Chiaravolloti says. Because it touches a place deep within as she explores how we can find empathy for ourselves. So that we can have emotionally honest conversations with our partner, children and those around us.

When I am struggling, is it really ok to express it?

What’s coming up is Katie’s journey as she stepped into her light and power over years of transformation. As she learned to be in it, this life, with herself and her family even when times are despairing.

Then she takes us to the root of knowing our authentic self and how being empathetic allows us to have real conversations.

Last, it’s the piece that when women come together, we are so powerful. As we remember the old ways, the sitting in circle and the healing that happens, we are opening up to new energy, new ways, to live on this path of parenthood.

I ask of you, what does support look like to you? How are you empathetic to your situation and your path? And what parts are you now willing to accept in yourself, and in that reflection that comes from others? Please share below your story.

As your story will surely touch the heart of many.

Much gratitude for reading, for sharing, for watching, for being here on this journey with me.