The Simple Way to Make Time to Meditate (Now)


I often get asked, how do you make time to meditate with kids, work, and life? I have found the answer to meditation. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

The key? When you think it, do it.

It’s easy with a to-do list 30 days long to put it off until the “right” time. I’m thinking of meditating but want to eat (first). Or pay the bill first. Or any other thing that is a constant in life. And yet, when we push meditation aside, it becomes another thing “to do”. Another item on the list to keep us from being in the moment. And it’s that list that keeps us from being free. Next you know, this thing that’s supposedly the answer to feeling better is another “should” that brings on guilt and anxiety.

Today I thought of it and thought of it and thought of it. The time wasted thinking about meditating could have been used to sit in silence. And so when it finally was time for it, I was anxious/excited to pick up my littles who are at their first day at the new sitters and yet, I know, if I don’t do it now, tonight will come and I’ll be “too tired”. Or… if I do it now, tonight will come and I’ll have the chance to sit some more. Because I know it feeds my soul. And it can feed your soul, too. So I sat, without a timer this time and 9 minutes flew by. (That darn clock, I sometimes peek!) And then another 5 minutes. And now I’m in such a great, grounded place! I am grateful I’m picking up my kids with the this owed sense of gratitude to self, instead of 20 minutes sooner and in a state of guilt and worry about not fitting it all in.

When you think it, how do you react?



Meditating When I Can't Seem to Meditate


If there’s one parenting truth I know without a doubt, but, or hesitation it’s this…. When I take time to fill my zen cup through meditation everything shifts. And yet, finding that time with kids home and busy demands of life can be daunting. Sometimes I’d rather do anything else. Meaning, I’d rather catch some zzz’s, of course. And still, I want the benefits. Meditation raises my energetic vibration. Even a “bad” meditation where I feel like I’m chasing thoughts until I’m tired produces a welcome shift. And when I parent from a place of a higher vibration, my children reap the rewards. They sleep. Period. Shouldn’t that be enough right there to take time every day to meditate?

I’ve flirted with a meditation practice for a few years, but really in the past 6 months I’ve meditated more than I have in my past 30 some years. And I still have days where it seems like I’m going nowhere. Take today, my thoughts were flowing all over the place and I peeked at my timer to see 10:23 left on the clock! Not even half way though. Holy bee geez zoo. What I am going to do? And I kept on. And in those last two minutes I found my peace. As I quieted my mind and I listened within, I heard the words, “You are strong”. And that was exactly what I needed to hear. So when my timer went off two minutes later, you’d have thought I was revealing in that knowledge and that thought. And no, my first thought was “thank goodness it’s over!” Some days that’s how it goes. But as I listen to the quiet house with the kids peacefully asleep, I know it’s not just what I needed, but what is benefiting to them as well.

Talk to me. When you can’t find the inner quietness during your meditation time, what is your inner dialogue saying? Do you continue on and how do you get the motivation to sit again the next day? Get the conversation going here.