Why Nutrition Trumps Natural Remedies (Video Blog)

Truth time. There are days I wish I didn’t have the knowledge and information I have. Period. I think there are some things that could just be easier if I simply didn’t know what I know.

I dream about the fun it would be to let my kids loose in a candy store, join the neighborhood kids getting ice cream from the truck that circles town with it’s music each evening and go on playdates without a care in the world what my children get offered to eat. When I read articles like the recent one about having the summer of the 70’s, I wonder will my kids run wild when they are old enough eating all the food dye they can possibly ingest before coming home for dinner?

In just 4 short years, that reality has changed for my family so much, that those dreams are simply a brief moment of wonder and amazement. With maybe just a tinge of jealousy. If you’re wondering if we have a food allergy, the answer is no. (And my heart go to those of you who do.) My son had what I’d consider colic and we were advised to do food eliminations. By removing the dairy and the gluten, my son’s mood shifted a little but what changed tremendously was my own family’s recognition of what healthy looks like for us. Even more so, when I eliminated foods from my diet, I realized that the tiredness I remember having all through my life began to dissipate. My anger become more controllable. And my overall attitude become more positive.

As a holistic healer myself, for the sake of my clients and my own health, I see lots of alternative healers. I am always seeking ways to improve my own energy and being. I have no doubt that as I add this week’s guest to that list of healers, she will forever have a place in my heart.

Maybe you're simply curious how food affects our health. Or the one food most people have a hard time digesting and absorbing. Or really wanting to know why nutrition trumps natural remedies? My guest on today's episode shares loads of information on all of that plus takes us through the steps of nutrition response testing. Welcome to this week’s episode with my guest, Sarah Outlaw, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.

Why Nutrition Trumps Natural Remedies with Nutrition Response Testing