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The gifts in life are many. Here are a few from me to you. xo

There are three key elements to ensure your child has the proper emotional environment for sleep. This is in addition to standard sleep help such as knowing the best schedule for your child, proper nutrition, and environment. When those needs are met and a child still isn't sleeping, there are emotional factors at play - both theirs and yours. 

The three key emotional elements you can control are these:

1. Ensure your child's cup is full of love and connection. Things like phone-free connection time and full attention at bedtime help provide a feeling of safety. 

2. Learn which techniques help to calm your child's nervous system prior to sleep. There are hundreds. I have a few listed. I suggest finding 2, or 3 max, and using them regularly. 

3. Believe & Trust your child is capable and willing. 


EFT For Stress Release

Let's face some truths. Sleep deprivation accentuates the negative. You crave certain foods, you anger more quickly, and by the end of the daytime it takes a lot to get through bedtime. 

This video teaches you a super simple stress release technique. It's a foundation many of my sleep families use. And.... I reference it in the meditation below so gift yourself a few moments and don't just watch, but follow along with this video. You are sure to at least smile. And we all deserve to have a little fun! 

Belief Modification Meditation

Knowing, within all of you, your child can and will fall and stay asleep is at the core of sleep training. Or, at least should be. This meditation was created to help you feel within your body that sleep can and will shift in your home. 

Calming the Body, Preparing for Sleep

There are so many things that can get a child's nervous system amped up that prevents ease in falling asleep, from a sudden noise, to overtiredness, to you name it, it can do it. 

In this video I give you an Energy Medicine technique that use you can to calm both you, and your child. 


Real Life

Listen, I get that no bedtime looks exactly the same! So here is a one-take snapshot into what bedtime looks like for us. 

You'll see me using Energy Medicine techniques to help settle their bodies, and their reactions. 

Releasing Kids Energy for Better Sleep

In this video, my son and I show you a technique we do anytime we're feeling overwhelmed and needing a release. This work does not have to be exact. Have fun and ungrip! 

Sleep Personality Profile

Different kids have different daytime personalities, so it just makes sense they have different nighttime personalities! Take this quiz to determine key foundational needs so you can help your child fall asleep with more ease. 



Honoring You and Sending Sleepy Dust,