Sleep is the foundation of living a life in alignment with your soul's essence and life purpose.

A Heart Centered Approach to Sleep Meets your Need for Sleep and your Child's Need for Connection

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When your child isn’t sleeping well, you’re not sleeping well. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to wake each day on your child’s schedule, not fully rested, and show up as your highest self, being the parent you desire to be.

It’s inevitable that even the best parents will lose it. Being sleep deprived just makes it that more likely today may be your day to do so.

If you ever question your parental abilities, it’s not you, it’s the lack of sleep.

Parenting is hard.

Nighttime parenting is even harder.

The reasons a child may not be able to fall asleep and sleep through the night are endless, as are the solutions.

That's why it's natural to put your energy into something new each week with a lot of hope it is going to be the one thing that will work for your little one.

The best sleep solution is a whole being personalized approach, aligned with your parenting style, that gets to the deepest core of why sleep is a struggle. 

When you address both the emotional and physical reasons why sleep is what it is for your family, it becomes easy to create a customized solution that guarantees you’ll be able to give your child - and yourself - the gift of sleep.

All without sleeping training.

Knowing your child's sleep personality profile can jump start you on your path to sleep. 

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Like the conceptual framework in Good Baby, Bad Sleeper but seeking intimate help?


What I've discovered after years of helping families find sleep is that sleep is often a front for deeper traumas, either for the child and/or the parent(s), and by clearing the blocks and traumas, sleep often falls into place without training. It's a very unconventional approach to sleep, but perfect for families who aren't willing to use a generic method for a child who struggles to both fall and stay asleep. If this sounds like you and your family, I encourage you to consider working with me over the course of several months so we can focus on both emotional and physical health of everyone in your family.  

Our goal is that sleep becomes something everyone looks forward to for rest and recovery. 

Love Notes from Sleeping Soul~Sisters


"One thing I loved most was skills to dissolve the attachment parenting guilt as I lay him to sleep in his own sleep space"

In our first conversation with Stephanie, she could sense our anxiety about our son's sleep issues and began our session with emotional release techniques to work it out. It offered immediate calmness. With us in a calmer state, we could think more clearly about how to help our son get the sleep he needed. It turned out we would also end up using these techniques for our son and it helped give us tools to make sleep easier with less anxiety on everyone’s end. One thing I loved most was skills to dissolve the attachment parenting guilt as I lay him to sleep in his own sleep space.

Our son is now doing awesome with sleep. This changed our lives so dramatically in the last month.

Stephanie is so good at what she does and it’s obvious it is her passion to help folks like us sleep better.

Krystal Spadafora

Homeschooling & Stay-at-Home Mom to 3 Kids

"The tools we have learned will help us in overall parenting and relationships and self-care"

I was about to hit rock bottom on the sleep front- the combo of sleep deprivation as a nursing mom and a homebirth midwife was proving to be too much to sustain! We decided to make some big changes and invest in the process. We read Good Baby, Bad Sleeper and then did a free consult with Stephanie. We then hired her for a month of intensive support- it was a worthwhile investment with lots of time and personalized attention and information. Stephanie was incredibly responsive and compassionate and gave us a wide range of strategies and tools to employ to help all of us have a better night’s sleep. Within two weeks transformation change emerged in our nighttime routine and overnight sleeping. We went from no more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep and a two plus hour bedtime routine to a 9-10 hour stretch during that time, plus most of the time our son can now go to sleep without being nursed or rocked or walked down! No crying it out but lots of tools and routine and rituals. We feel so hopeful to have more peace and ease in our nighttime family life and more time for our marriage and our own pursuits and health too! We have more work ahead to get to and sustain our ideal bedtime and nighttime routine but we made this our number one priority for our family. With Stephanie’s support we found clarity about what our children needed from us at bedtime and how to maintain a loving energetic connection to them to help them relax and sleep.  A bonus is that insights we have gained into our sleep personalities and energy patterns, along with the techniques and the tools we have learned will help us in overall parenting and relationships and self-care. Hang in there- big change and more sleep can be in your near future!

Christy Santoro
Motherland Midwifery

No matter how many sleep associations you’ve created, there is hope.