"Such a Joy!"

I felt like our session helped me come home to myself and home to being the type of mother I thought I was, but that got hidden under my anxiety and trying to follow our sleep system perfectly. I feel reconnected with myself, my daughter, and my husband. You reminded me that I do, in fact, know what's best for my family and that I can trust myself. Somehow I had lost this knowledge along the way. I already feel way more calm about my baby and I can see how this tranquility will not only help all of us sleep, it will also spread into other areas of our life. 

Thank you again so much for your support. It was beyond helpful. I feel so much more sane as a result of our work together and that’s a huge gift!

Kate Northrup Watts

Make A Life, Not Just A Living


Stephanie Dodd was part of a very huge transformational point of my life, healing a moment of abuse in my past. I connected with Stephanie very quickly with ease and felt safe with her guidance. This was my first experience with energy and energy healing. I only knew that I felt a deep pull within to to work with her. The healing during our session was so profound, I had tears of release in a safe space. After my connection with Stephanie and chatting with her about energy healing work, my path was aligned in such a way that I did an online energy healing course for 8 weeks, connected with my soul family around the world and I am a certified theta healing practitioner right now. My healing journey started with Stephanie. For this and more, I am infinitely grateful for the change that’s been created in my life.

Stephanie, I love you so so so much. I definitely encourage anyone to work with your gentle and graceful way in stepping into their own alignment.

Vicky Vari

Theta Healer through Art

"You will receive benefits far beyond what you'd hoped"

Stephanie’s gift of tuning in is mighty powerful! With her background in energy work, and her expertise in coaching parents, she embodies the true meaning of “presence”.

Because she approaches everything organically and authentically, her sessions become a healing from the inside out. If you are blessed enough to work with her, you will receive benefits far beyond what you’d hoped.

Christine Gipple

Feng Shui + Life Coach

"I felt shifts beyond myself and was able to see them in my family members"

Since working and learning with Stephanie I felt an emotional shift with more ease and lightness in my life. I also found myself with more time in my day. It seemed as if the emotional release freed up not only my tension but my time. What incredible gifts and blessings!

Since continuing with this supported work I felt shifts beyond myself and was able to see them in my family members. By releasing things within myself those I loved were able to fall into a more natural space. We are all reaping the benefits of this meaningful work. I have such gratitude for Stephanie’s work and her intuitive teaching and guiding.

Rebekah Barnes

Holistic Family Behavioral Support

"Of all the ways I reached out for help Stephanie was by far the most effective"

Stephanie is a remarkable person. She has this way about her that makes you feel safe opening up and trusting her. I was left with a whole lot of grief and feelings of not being good enough after giving birth to both of my children. I started to seek out ways to heal and move forward. I tried several different modalities including starting a peer driven birth story listening group. Of all of the ways I reached out for help Matrix Healing with Stephanie was by far the most effective. I went from feeling like I was the victim of my own circumstances to feeling like I was the heroine in my own story. It was life changing for me. I was able to view both of my births as the life changing experience that they were. I am so grateful that the universe brought Stephanie and her offer to help me work through some difficult emotions through matrix healing. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs to let go of negative feelings and move forward in a positive way.

Christine Mamas

Doula, With Women Birth Support


"Stephanie is profoundly loving, intuitive, and a gifted healer"

Stephanie is profoundly loving, intuitive, and strong. She is a gifted healer. I can't recommend her enough. I found her work so powerful and effective that I plan on learning the techniques she uses so I can help my clients heal at a deeper level.  

Julie S.

Licensed Psychotherapist


"Every few days a new way Stephanie has touched my life appears. It’s truly magical"

I am eternally grateful for Stephanie Dodd’s expertise with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. My father was abusive in every way possible, the worst of which included molestations and rapes until I was 12. I had repressed knowledge of sexual abuse until the memories started resurfacing a few years ago. Despite over a decade of talk therapy, I continued to struggle in so many ways because of PTSD.

A friend recommended Stephanie and even though I had made tremendous progress healing through Reiki, EFT, EMDR, Inner Child healing and trauma recovery groups, the depth of healing I received through work with Stephanie has far surpassed all of those combined.

In just one healing session with Stephanie, my world changed beyond measure. I don’t even know how to express my how my life is changing since my session. I’ve forgiven my father for abusing me, my mother for not protecting me. The chronic chest pain I live with because of Cardiomyopathy has decreased. My brother who had resisted getting help has decided he wanted to try hypnosis.

I’m confident that Stephanie will be able to help anyone to process any issue regardless of how intense and painful it is. Every few days a new way Stephanie has touched my life appears. It’s truly magical.

Nikki K.


"Stephanie is skilled, resourceful, compassionate, and truly passionate about what she does"

After a traumatic car accident left me with an ear concussion, sprained neck and knee, and severe anxiety I saw Stephanie for EFT. That evening was the turning point for both my severe ear pain and hearing loss and my anxiety, especially over driving. At one point during the session my ear pain immediately seized and I have not experienced it quite as bad since. I found a total release during and after the session, it was wonderful! I am able to tap on my fingers when I experience anxiety while driving and I find an instant calm.

I would recommend joining Stephanie for either a private session, group class or both! She is skilled, resourceful, compassionate, and truly passionate about what she does.

Lynn Roberts
Ayurvedic Practitioner + Community Herbalist


"Her nurturing, intuitive approach is what I needed to get me back on track."

Healing work with Stephanie is not only the perfect combination of relaxing and rejuvenating, it is truly balancing. Stephanie has a real gift. I have found her nurturing, intuitive approach to be just what I need to get me back on track. She has helped me get ready to face the world again. 

Jacqui Rosenberger
LMT, Owner of Herban Spa Massage