Step 3:


Are you ready to maximize your energy, your joy, and decrease your stress. 

Then it’s time to Reset.

During this 3 week LIVE + interactive course you will:

  • Rest your mind

  • Elevate your mood

  • Sleep better than ever

  • Eliminate stress

  • Trust yourself



Together we will work through specific emotions that are most common among all women. Starting at our root chakra and working our way through each of the 7 chakras until we “end” at the crown, or height of our being, we will very quickly find ourselves not only finding pure joy and true happiness, but sustaining it! Learning to hold the vibration of happiness is quite possibly the best gift we can give to ourselves, and to our families. 

What’s Included:

7 Teachings

7 Meditations

7 Live Q&A

A life-altering 21 day experience that will reprogram your nervous system and establish a new baseline for reactionary emotions. Ultimately, you will be smiling and laughing all through your days. 


$200 with 25% of your cost going directly to fund tuition for a mother in need. 


May 27th 2019 - June 17th 2019